Thursday, 25 July 2013

Kessock Bridge Upgrade - Phase 1 - Recycled

The cycle path was opened 3 weeks after Phase 1 was announced as completed.
So the diversion has been removed and normal cycle routes reinstated.
I cycled the route to check it out a few days after it had been re-opened.

The start from Longman Roundabout was disappointing.
The support for a fallen-down sign partly blocked the path.
A line of 3 barriers closed off a previous cycle crossing.

I continued along the old cycle path towards the bridge.
At the start of the bridge there was a notice warning of continued work.
Workmen could clearly be seen towards the middle of the bridge.
"CYCLISTS DISMOUNT" - here or at the obstruction?
The road barriers cause a slight narrowing of the cycle path.

At various points, tools and equipment were observed.
But they had all been safely placed well to the side of the path.
The workmen were friendly and passing them was no problem.
I noticed occasional gaps in the white line.
These are at apparently random distances apart and a bit of a mystery.
It was suggested that this was 'to meet regulations'.

The path width and barrier heights were measured and are shown here.
The height of the original barrier has been extended by about 40 cm.
This has been done without affecting the path width at any level.
The path width is 1.55 m except at the two main pillars (1.35 m).

The path surface was a surprise.
The approach path surfaces at each end have not been changed.
There is a short section of tar at each end of the bridge.
This is smooth - very nice - like velodrome quality.
A steel plate with safety tread separates the bridge from the land.
But the surface on the bridge itself is extremely rough and unpleasant.

I used a template gauge to get a representation of the unevenness.
Small stones have been embedded in a layer of tar.
The stones are sharp. Their tops are 3 mm above the surface.
They have not been consolidated into a level surface.

If it's meant as a high traction surface then it's a total success.

Or is there some hope that cyclists will flatten the path over time?

Your comments are welcome.

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Anonymous said...

I agree the surface isn't ideal, but it isn't bad, and there are so many worse areas in Inverness that could be moaned about....