Saturday, 6 July 2013

A Visit to Highland Cycle Ability Centre

I'd heard about a newly opened cycle track not far from Dalcross.
I headed out of Inverness on the B9006 through Culloden Moor.

This photo shows the crossroads about a mile before Croy.
I turned off down the Brae of Cantray.
The route to the track was narrow and winding but well sign-posted.

I soon arrived at the Highland Cycle Ability Centre.

The Highland Cycle Ability Centre is situated near Croy
(actually Cantray) about 10 miles East of Inverness.
Visit the website for directions:

It can also be followed on twitter as Highland Cycle Track at

There are a few formalities before being allowed onto the track.
This is to ensure the enjoyment and safety for everybody using the track.

A fully qualified instructor is on hand to check that bicycles are in good order.
Bicycles can be hired but it's likely most riders will bring their own.
A quick briefing on track etiquette and they're ready to get started.

An electronic tag can be fitted near the ankle or to the bicycle frame.

The track itself has a smooth surface over an accurately measured 1 km loop.

It starts with a level straight. followed by a sustained 3% uphill gradient.
The middle downhill section has a number of interesting turns.

Electronic equipment on the home straight senses the tag to record personal lap times.

The track is wide enough for a group of about six.

Alternatively, riders can opt for staggered starts
to ride individually around the track.

Today everybody had a good time. But who had the best time? That wasn't the point.
They all had a personal best - one that they would work to improve on their next visit.

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Giles said...

Great to see you there Brian!

If any readers are looking to give it a go, we are holding more open sessions on the following dates and times:
Saturday 13th July (11am-5pm)
Sunday 14th July (12am-5pm)
Tuesday 16th July (2pm-7pm)
Saturday 27th July (11am-5pm)
Sunday 28th July (12pm-5pm)
All totally free!

Track co-ordinator