Monday, 29 June 2015

Huntly Street Uncovered

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Last week's blog A Pavement with Aspiration described the problem for cyclists and pedestrians caused by parked vehicles on the newly opened shared-path on Huntly Street.

At a meeting convened by HITRANS, on Wednesday, The Highland Council (THC) informed Highland Cycle Campaign (HCC) that repeater 'No Waiting' signs had been ordered to inform drivers and support Traffic Wardens.

On Friday morning the signs were being fitted. Apart from two marked bays for disabled parking and for loading it should now be clear that there is no waiting anywhere between Greig Street Bridge and Ness Bridge.

It took a while for already parked vehicles to move away but by the evening the street was clear revealing a very pleasant environment.

This was helped by the presence of  'No Waiting' cones along the pavement. It turned out that these were not intended as a permanent feature but to ensure that the area was kept clear for a Riverside Party on Saturday.

Perversely, the opening of Huntly Street was to be celebrated by a party that required the street to be closed.

Two friends of Big Rory were on duty entertaining people and diverting the traffic.

The weather held and children had a great time on attractions including the Eurofighter, Bouncy Castles and Merry-go-round.

The area still looked good on Sunday but the real test starts on Monday. But hopefully by then Traffic Wardens will be patrolling to enforce the parking restrictions.
Truly a case of watch this space - literally.

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Nick Carter said...

It seems that cars just ignore the signs anyway park there and since cycling that route regularly I've noticed no parking tickets being issued.