Tuesday 16 April 2013

Blatant Discrimination against Cyclists in the City?

After my blog Is Stephens Street really one way?
I had a very inspiring meeting with a Highland Council representative who assured me that the Traffic Orders did in fact allow cycling against the flow.

Even better, the intention was to investigate if the junction could be re-aligned and provided with improved signage.

Today (15 Apr 2013) I noticed that the lines at the junction had been repainted. But I was surprised that, although the cycle lane was still clearly marked, the cycle symbol itself had been left unpainted.

Note: The ZenBike UK logo isn't painted on the road :)

There are several possible good reasons:
  • The painter ran out of time/paint and will return to finish it later.
  • The specialist painter who paints the cycle symbol wasn't available.
  • In these times of austerity the Council can only afford a partial re-paint.
However it may be a lot more serious:
  •  There may be a plan to let this cycle lane fall into disuse before removing it.
  •  This may be part of a larger plot to eliminate all cycle lanes from the City.

While preparing the photos for this blog I happened to notice an extra plate on the 'No Entry' sign.

Closer inspection revealed that it said 'Except cycles'.

Amusingly and confusingly this plate has been placed directly below
the National Cycle Route plate!

I returned later and had a closer look. Indeed, the two 'No Entry' signs at the end of Ardconnel Terrace now have supplementary plates saying 'Except cycles'. The nearby signage at the South end of Stephens Street remains unchanged.

So I guess it's good work in progress. Watch this space - and see if it gets painted!

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