Saturday, 23 February 2013

Shore Street to Kessock Bridge

My idea was to leave from Inverness and cycle across the Kessock Bridge.
I gave it a go on Thursday 21 February 2013 and that's when I took the pictures.

I started from Shore Street Roundabout
and headed North along Shore Street.

At the mini roundabout there's a small sign
confirming that I'm on NCR 1.

I take the first exit onto Cromwell Road.
That's Cromwell Tower in the background.
A sign reminds me:
'Recommended route for pedal cycles'

A squint sign confirms NCR 1.
Although its a cycle route there's a steady flow of cars, buses and lorries.

Not sure if I can cycle on the pavement.
Anyway there's an MOT sign obstructed it.
Finnie's should consider scrapping this to help pedestrians.

Cromwell Road becomes Stadium Road.
Another NCR 1 sign as the Kessock Bridge comes into sight.

The pavement is now clearly marked as an unsegregated path.
But where did that start?

Warning to motorised vehicles of cycle route ahead.
And sign indicating to turn right for NCR 1.

There's also another sign on the opposite side of the road:
   NCN1 North
   Kessock Bridge.

Continuing a short distance along the pavement
to a crossing point for cyclists.
There is no sign but this appears to be the end of the cycle path.

[In fact, I should have continued to go straight ahead!]

Cross the road - similar direction signs here.
Some care needed to get past the 'Diverted traffic sign' pointing the way I'm going.

Soon after the junction I see a collection of three signs.
The first says 'Diversion ends'. Well that diversion didn't last long!

The next one says 'Diverted traffic' with an arrow pointing back the way I came from.
The final one says 'Foot / cyclepath ahead closed' follow diversion.
Surely I wouldn't be directed here just to be told to go back.

But the path is actually open at that point so let's investigate it.

At the other end of the path there's a choice: stairway or slope.
Both appear to be open.

At the top of the slope there is a cone barrier to prevent access toward the Bridge.
But I can approach the barrier from the other side by climbing the stairway.
I notice that a middle cone has been displaced to provide passage.
So the barrier seems a bit pointless for several reasons.

Attempting to progress onto the bridge beyond the stairway.

The route is partially barred by a staggered pair of heavy plastic barriers.
Further beyond that the way is clearly blocked by three cones.
However there are no signs to inform pedestrians or cyclists.

So I'd had a pleasant journey but failed to discover how to cross Kessock Bridge.
The signs seemed clear and I'd followed them but ended up confused.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting to see you had found the signing confusing. I also felt something was wrong and informed Transport Scotland who assured me the signing had been checked by "an experienced cyclist" they could trust, and they are content that all is well.