Tuesday, 28 February 2017


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We Need to Talk about Active Travel
Transport Scotland needs your input.

Pushing over the Bridge
The case for removing 'No Cycling' signs.

Antisocial Parking on Huntly Street
Focus on four inconsiderate parkers.

Shared Space Storm
Sight impaired people demanding a mauratorium

Riverside Rat-Running Reduced
Observations on the new Toucan Crossing on Ness Bridge

Huntly Street Uncovered
Clearing the cars to reveal the pavement

A Pavement with Aspiration
Cycle Friendly? - We've got the pavement covered.

A Trip down King Street
Highland Council are doing a good job in difficult circumstances.

Inverness Campus is Now Open
After a long wait, the public appreciate a new recreation area.

The First Pedal on Aberdeen
Aberdeen's own Pedal on Parliament event.

Pedestrianising Experiment in Inverness Centre
Making the most of a city-centre disaster.

A Review of the Scottish Bike Counters
Physical counters seem OK but online access has issues.

Millburn Road - Shared Path
Junctions remain a concern. Also let down by the bins.

Be Careful What You Ask from Santa
What constitutes robust evidence for perception?

Wrong Way along King Street
Why are drivers ignoring the traffic signs?

Flood Alleviation Work on Bank Street
Lots of noise and action but minimal problem for cyclists.

Bikes, Boats and Brambles
A very rewarding cycle trip from Dochgarroch to Inverness.

Alison Jonstone MSP meets HCC Members
National Government takes an interest in Highland Cycle Campaign.

A Potentially Minor Confrontation Averted
A driver's individual attempt to encourage better cycling behaviour.

Nice Way Code
A constructive criticism of the graphics before the plug gets pulled.

Kessock Bridge Upgrade - Phase 1 - Recycled
A trip across the Bridge to see what the upgraded cycle path is like.

Diversion on North side of Kessock Bridge
Finally cross the Bridge and find it's just as bad on the North side.

A Visit to Highland Cycle Ability Centre
A newly opened 1 km cycle track between Inverness and Nairn.

Approach to Kessock Bridge from Longman Road
A bad start for cyclists touring North.

Kessock Bridge Upgrade - Phase 1 Complete
All clear for cars but cyclists are still on old path.

One Chainstay short of a Bike
'Well Done!' to the anonymous painter.

Blatant Discrimination against Cyclists in the City?
Sinister plot to eliminate cycle lanes or work in progress?

The Torvean Triangle
An iconic area in the Highland Council's Plans.

Exciting New Plans for Inverness
Review of the Highland Council's planned West Link development.

Inverness's Leisure Area
A concise review with animated diagrams of the 8 options for the Inverness West Link.
Including reasons why most were obvious non-starters.
A plea for option 7 to be investigated properly even though option 6 has been selected.

Longman Drive Alternative
On Friday 22 Februray 2013, the day after completing Shore Street to Kessock Bridge
I discovered that I'd missed a bit of the route. So I revisited the section that day.

Shore Street to Kessock Bridge
My idea was to leave from Inverness and cycle across the Kessock Bridge.
I gave it a go on Thursday 21 February 2013 and that's when I took the pictures.

City Transport Forum
A forum was held by the Highland Council in Inverness Town House on Monday 04 Feb 2013 from 4.30 to 6.30 
concerning the measures being taken to minimise the impact of the Kessock Bridge resurfacing work
and the ongoing River Ness Flood Alleviation Scheme.

Is Stephen's Street really one-way?
At the Crown Church junction Charles Street goes to the left and Midmills Road to the right.
The Cycle Route continues forward across this junction. Now the tricky bit.

Beware of Cyclists Materialising in Inverness
All traffic approaching Ness Walk from the Cathedral end is faced with No Entry signs.
There is no sign at that end to indicate any exception for cyclists. So the question arises
'Where do the cyclists come from that the motorists are being warned to expect?"

National Cycle Routes through Inverness
Two National Cycle Routes from the South pass through Inverness.
NCR 1 - This mainly follows the East coast of the UK from Dover to the Shetlands. 
NCR 7 - This goes up the middle of the country from Sunderland to Inverness.

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